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May 23, 2013



She longed for days of pluck and dapple
when mind shucked off Eve’s bite of apple
and consequences were but a rind
uncurled upon a platter fine
(which turned out to be a plate of moon
sleeved in porcelain for the afternoon).

But care malingered, with its pal, woe,
smuggling in the status quo;
though fingers on her forehead would
smooth what tangled up the good–
tuck hair, slow pace, scent sweet her wrist–
a fist-tanged cramp marked every twist.

And twist she must, and twist time did
till wrung thin as a katydid,
she broadcast to the high-shelved moon
a wheedle-pitched bowlegged tune,
that braised the eve in plaintive call
bemoaning both night and human fall.

Here’s a belated draft poem for With Real Toads
for a prompt involving list words imagined by the wonderful Kerry O’Connor, the list of words supplied by yours truly, Manicddaily. It’s belated and a draft as I’ve had a very busy couple of days. I’m not a huge fan of writing poems from list, but everyone’s I’ve seen have been wonderful, and I enjoyed the exercise also. Check out the wonderful poets at With Real Toads.