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Moon-tied (Last Friday Flash 55 for the G-Man)

March 28, 2014




Ice floes,
ice flows.
That is how
ice goes.

sun rays,
that is how
sun makes days.

in its pallor
lovers sighed.

Hearts please
heart’s pleas–
never wise
for hearts to tease.

lover lying
on dank ground.

Too young this love
to ever know
quite how long
ice will flow.


My last 55 for the gallant Galen–Yes, some of those are two words jammed  together! But the ever tolerant Mr. G will still, I hope, allow my weekend to kick-a…

On a more serious note, many thanks to Galen, the G-man, Mr. Know-it-all for his wonderfully clever and sweet hosting of Friday Flash 55. His 55 prompt is a real exercise in discipline and, when discipline fails, slyness. He will still be blogging to–the delight of one Manicddaily.  Also, thanks to his new hosts, Shay and Mama Zen.

P.S. – the above if anyone is interested is a picture taken a night a couple of years ago of ice floes in the Hudson at the bottom of Manhattan.