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Red Shoes

August 24, 2013
at-the-harbor by Judith Clay

at-the-harbor by Judith Clay

Red Shoes

She knew it was a boutique because it was so narrow, the bare wood warped
beneath a couple of barber chairs, upholstery as shiny
as Vitalis, though it sold shoes.

Which made her despair, having feet too big for a boutique;  if only her feet
were small, she’d have it all, even, probably, cheek hollows.

As it was, she wore size ten.

Did boutiques back then
even carry a size ten?

But amazingly, full cheeks blood red, she found wedges
that would fit her that same shade, the slant of heel, toe too,
actually foreshortening her sole, the leather fine as
desire, meaning that maybe

there was a chance for her, a chance for happiness.

But the thin red leather didn’t wear,  and so, soon after,
she turned to keeping the rest of her
as small as possible,
which seemed somehow to allow her
to wedge her way through this wide
narrow world, as long as
she didn’t
look down.


Here’s a draft draft draft poem for dVerse Poets Pub’s prompt hosted by Claudia Schoenfeld based on the very cool pictures of Judith Clay.  (All rights reserved to copyright holders.)