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Here’s The Thing About the Brain

January 31, 2016


Here’s The Thing About the Brain

Here’s the thing about the brain–
it gives you no free lunch;
sorrow’s bunched
with the teeming new–askew,
but there it mews,
and when, and after,
you pull out this, that and the other,
it spins from under cover,
and you, who have opened every fence
to let in the green you’ve culled,
are pulled
into some corded stem,
that knows in all its DNA
the lay of primordial muck,
but has not yet learned
to crawl.

Draft poem just because (without a prompt.)  Pic is an old one of mine. 

Putting Brain To Bed

January 24, 2011

Brain In Bed

Sometimes the brain just gets tired–too many holidays, too much work or age,  (any is too many) reports of violence.

It begins to shy away from the unpleasant and the uncertain, merely scanning (at most) headlines, seeking out known books to re-read, vaguely trolling through mild TV show clips on the internet.

What the brain is  really looking for at these times is a full frontal lobe lie-down, an occasion for occipatal un-occupation, a cozy cover for the cerebellum, i.e. sleep.  Indulge it!  (Says she to self.)   Try to shut the lids of the eyes (and laptop.)

P.S. – for poems about brains, even villanelles–check out “Going on Somewhere” by Karin Gustafson, Diana Barco and Jason Martin on Amazon.