Milkweed – Hollow Stalk, Promise (But Great Pic)


Hollow Stalk (and Promise) Man

Man, pocketing with others
empty breeze, 1930s,
promised the two kids
ten bucks for a milkweed, root

They dug the whole hot day, splintering, till, going wide, deep,
(unbroken) carried dirt-dripping triumph, delicately.

Alone, balking more
than the damn plant, he ditched them
with only a memory, though that grew
quite dear, over time.


The above is my Flash 55 Fiction for the G-Man, Mr. Know-it-all, who is wonderfully BACK!

My pic is of milkweed which seems quite attractive to butterflies.  It is undoctored – there’s the shadow of a third swallowtail in there–crazy.

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11 Comments on “Milkweed – Hollow Stalk, Promise (But Great Pic)”

  1. G-Man Says:

    What a beautiful story.
    You always bring your ‘A’ Game to the Friday Funfest.
    Loved your 55 AND the pic…:-)
    Thanks for playing, thanks for your loyal support
    And have a Kick Ass Week-End…G

  2. margaretbednar Says:

    After all that work, he didn’t stay and pay for the plant?! I had no idea the root system was so huge on those plants.

  3. Skinflint! *smiles*

  4. hedgewitch Says:

    Enormously hard to transplant some of the butterfly plants . Asclepius is the same way. Loved the pic, and the 55, which tells a very mysterious bit of story.

  5. brian miller Says:

    omg…that is a lot of work esp as you had to figure it out…good tenacity….

  6. Nice story K ~ Hard work for those two boys ~

  7. All that hard work and he didn’t pay them.. how bad! Love the pic especially with the butterflies. Great French prompt @ dVerse.

  8. Mama Zen Says:

    Beautiful storytelling!

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