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“Idiomatic” Poem (“Bits and Pieces”)

November 12, 2011

DVerse Poets Pub, a great community for struggling and less struggling (i.e. successful) poets, has a poetics challenge today requesting poems written with idiomatic language.  The idioms I use are not so colorful as let’s say, letting the cat out of the bag, but here’s the poem:

Bits and Pieces

Bits and pieces make a whole;
we use them to fill up a hole
shaped like a merely mortal soul.
Bits and pieces take their toll.

Bits and pieces don’t seem real,
and yet they occupy that reel
of all we say and do and feel
beneath the ever-thickening peel.

Bits and pieces are what we’ve got–
all that’s left and not forgot
(after all that time we shot).
Were they all we ever sought?

That can’t be true, we wanted more.
Surely, they’re what we settled for
and now somehow must find enough,
forget the diamonds, love the rough.