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Book of Words

September 8, 2017

Book of Words

Mimi cry
cause Testa meant
no good–
oh he would rap sure,
so cool he set her hair a-tic (not just heart)
but if Mimi tried
for her own part,
he slagged her as a Me-imitator,
said he’d terminate her
if she didn’t goddamn
shut up,
and so she shut,
but for the cry.


Kind of a strange ditty for Mama Zen’s prompt on Real Toads to use words from a wonderful book of words put together by her daughter–I’ve cheated here I believe, using my own versions of same.  Drawing is mine, all rights reserved.

Poem for April, Upstate New York

April 24, 2016

Poem for April, Upstate New York

With sore knee and stick staff,
I upwill the hill, hoping to see
new calves,
slowly, yet inside-hurrying, as if a crud
could dull their blind-white masks
before a cud can even be chewed (not true)–

still I step-stumble, excited and trying for fast,
through mounds of clodded grass-ground,
till at last I’ve found–

The mom sees me and immediately starts
her sure scuttle
while the little one, brown-blinking through cut-outs
in moon (new moo-n)
wobbles wonderingly after—

and I stop, wanting to follow, but not
to push them on–

Why do we write of such things,
and call them poems?

Better: why write
of anything other?


Draft draft poem for Bjorn Rudberg’s  post on real toads to write a poem using “kennings” –compound and kind-of made-up words.  My not very good pic of new calf and mother.  All rights reserved.

So far, a little ahead of the April game of a poem a day, I think, but heading into some busy days.  Sorry if slow returning comments.