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How To Draw An Elephant (And Also Procrastinate)

July 16, 2011

Some people will do just about anything to avoid cleaning their apartment.  (I think, after spending several hours on trying to properly upload some version of the above cartoon, that perhaps I am one of them.)

Or perhaps I am just not cut out to become an online animator.

The drawing part is fun, and, in my rudimentary case, quick; the music is fun; putting them together is fun.   But getting them from your digital device to Youtube can be a real pain in the you-know-what.  Sound gets cut off, drawings get cut off.  And unfortunately, some of us (the same people who delay cleaning the apartment, perhaps) get really impatient with online “answers” to technical questions on twitter forums.

So you have to keep on experimenting, uploading and uploading to get what you wanted or once had on your own little iPas, but somehow somehow cannot make come out in a bigger forum.

The good part is that, soon enough, cleaning the apartment doesn’t sound so bad.

Have a nice weekend.