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Back To The Grammys Briefly – All Buff, Pink Singing Sideways (In the Shower)

February 1, 2010

Pink (Sideways) Under Sprinkler System (New Take on Singing In The Shower)

I never watched the Grammys before Sunday night.  I still have never watched the WHOLE Grammys.  (I wonder why.)

When did singers begin needing biceps as large as breasts as standard equipment?  (Sorry to be crude.  The Grammys tend to bring that out in one.)

Hard to imagine Judy Garland with biceps.  (Instead of shoulder pads.  See e.g. Judy in For Me and My Gal.)

Singers have long been good dancers.  (Imagine Judy Garland.)  But when did they have to become gymnasts?  (There was, I guess, Fred Astaire on the ceiling.  But I always thought that was a camera trick.)

Sometimes it is not hard to understand why much of the world (particularly the non-Western world, the muslim world) disdains (that’s putting it mildly) Western pop culture.

Yes, there’s a kind of verve.   Singing sideways under a sprinkler system is pretty amazing.  And the muscle tone is pretty darn spectacular.  And all the participants seem to clap for each other with admirable generosity.   Still, well….

Grammys – Live Blogging, Robotic Performers

January 31, 2010

The second time today that I was happy to close my eyes during a musical performance  (see prior post “Eyes Wide Shut”) has been the Grammys!  I have to confess to never before seeing the Grammy awards.  They were turned on in my apartment to see Stephen Colbert, who appeared all too briefly.

Since then, Jennifer Lopez has appeared in a dress empaneled with packing material, Beyonce has impersonated an angry robot, Fergy has been involved with even angrier robots, and tonsils have borne heavy impact.  Dancers have shown a great deal of  self-righteousness and a lot of breast and thigh.  Pink started off in a cut-up beach robe, and ended up in a be-ribboned body suit hanging from the ceiling in.  What was perhaps most amazing about her singing was that she could do it at all while sideways suspended under a sprinkler system.

Popular culture, amazing!  Is it really popular?!

Zac Brown Group won best new artist, and so far have also been the best just regular nice guys.

Oh wait!  Colbert just won one.  I take it all back.