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Rainy Day – Leaves/Feuilles/Eyelids

July 28, 2012


Leaves After a Rain

Feuille – leaf,
feel – sheathe;
like my eyelids this damp day,
veined sheets that shield me from passing
leaf drop, till, when a fresh wind
shakes free
the retained downpour, they
twinge, as if a new storm
were starting, something to run
from, impossibly.

But it’s caught rain
only, and my eyes,
after that drumming softens,
go back to holding
their own capture, an old pain
behind the face
that rails against the implacable quickness
of all this (life),
rather than sticking out its tongue,
and gawking, wide-eyed, up
into the silver.


The above is a draft poem posted for dVerse Poets Pub Poetics Prompt, hosted today by the logophile Anna Montgomery.  The challenge is to use interesting words (perhaps from foreign tongues.)  Using interesting language is something writers should, of course, always strive to do, and yet I for one, can use Anna’s wonderful reminder.

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