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Different Ways To Think About It (Campus Rape)

June 29, 2014

Different Ways To Think About It.


This is a woman.


Think of her as something like a man.
Meaning that you are not allowed
to touch her
in any number of assorted places,
without her say-so.

You might define those
“assorted places” as
“sordid places”,
but, truly, it’s best to think of them
as anywhere on her body.


Think of your frat buddies–
think even of yourself–
of all those times you passed out
on a couch
and did not consider it consent
to have things shoved up you.
Women are like that too
and it’s called, sexual assault.


Think about meeting someone,
a friend or acquaintance, maybe
on campus, someplace
supposed to be
maybe, okay, at a bar–
But the person seems
nicish enough
that you do not treat them, straight off,
as a felon–


Now think
of their weight on top of you,
their pressure at your
their grip upon
your windpipe.

Think of not being able to scream, speak.

Think then of being made
to swallow it all.



Here’s a poem not written for any prompt, though I was vaguely thinking of the Real Toads prompt of Kerry O’Connor–avant edge–since I thought the drawings, made the poem more unusual. 

Note that I understand that the issues of campus rape and date rape are more complex than presented here.  (But, to my mind, if the woman has not consented, it’s still rape.)

Also, if anyone is interested, I posted another draft of yesterday’s poem–I think it is a weaker draft, but anyone keen on process, or who felt the other poem too negative about the 80’s (unintentional)–