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Tired of Computer. Six-Word Stories.

December 3, 2012


The wonderful poet Luke Prater has a great post up about six-word stories, including a most famous and fantastic one by Ernest Hemingway, as well as some terrific ones of his own.  I urge you to check out Luke’s post.  (It also includes some of the background as to what makes these micro-fictions work.)

As for me – it’s been a very long day with lots of hours spent on the computer. A great night, in other words, to doodle on a yellow pad and scribble out something very very short.  Here are a few of my attempts;  each is separate. 

I can imagine arranging each of these as poems – one can feel the line breaks in each.   But for now, they are just short short stories.  Even so, I am linking them to dVerse Poets Pub Open Link Night, hosted by Tashtoo!


DNA conclusive.  Thirty years too late.


Learning to land didn’t concern him.


Left all but clothes.  Rental furnished.


Life’s work lost.  Chance for enlightenment.


He didn’t mean it.  Life sentence.


Abstinence education.  They both skipped class.



p.s. several commenters have said Luke’s site has gotten infected with malware.  Agh.  Hopefully he’ll be able to get that fixed soon.