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Post-Eden (II)

July 11, 2013



Why are some skins so scarred by sin, original?
Birthright bungled as an abandoned fowl’s
that bustles, bristling, behind anything
with wings or whitewash; wavering between
a cross of chicken scratch, chested waddle,
and that batter of bleach and burn that just might
unsully the soul, sanitize, or at least, cover
the cicatriced core of the cast out. Instead
its feathers fletch in-flinted barbs because
from naught to now, they are not right–
not feathers, not fleece, not feelings– because
from when to whenever, they are wrong; because
some species, some space, of paradise,
was once their own, and they its one and only; because
the rind of them remembers; really, it does.

Hmmm… Here’s a draft poem of sorts for dVerse Poets Pub’s Form For All, hosted by Tony Maude, about alliterative accents – something like that. Tony’s written a very interesting article about Anglo-Saxon poetry.  Check it out.   I do not think I’ve followed the format of four accents per line (three alliiterative), but I have tr-tr-tr-tried.  (I have also edited since first posting.)

I call it Post-Eden (II) because I have another Post-Eden poem that can be found here.