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Prayer Against Certain Kinds of Hypocrisy

November 14, 2013


Prayer Against Certain Kinds of Hypocrisy

Our father who art in heaven,
hollowed is thy name,
when kindness will
not come and the earth
is not seen as a heaven;
when the gift of this day’s lost
in the get of daily bread;
when we forgive us our trespasses
with free-passes against those we pass by.

Leaders knot us into temptation,
and deliver us to upheaval,
for the bottom line is the kingdom,
power glorified for more
and for ever more–ah…..

I thought of this in the context of an Allen Ginsburg prompt at dVerse Poets Pub today, but although it has a Ginsburgian aspect, it does not fit the prompt! Still working a great deal but glad to slip away mentally once in a while.

I realized after posting that the above play on the Lord’s Prayer is somewhat derivative of Lawrence FerLingheti. His, which I’d seen in past lives but not thought much about recently, is in The Last Waltz, the movie about The Band, and may be found here.