Junk News Speak


I try to skip the me-me-media
the talking heads of hair and tedia–
though it can be fun to watch those ‘dos
bob above their soundbite stews.

Still, the fact is there are those who will
shill and shill and shill and shill–
fake some outrage, mime some shock
though careful to keep every lock
of curl and bang and tress in place
while they fecklessly ape chase
of stories they tilt like a table
of pinballs whizzed right through the cable.

Instead I try to read and read,
or watch whole tapes, a whole news feed,
(Oh, sure I fail, sure I miss out–
there’s tons I don’t know much about.)
And maybe what I read ain’t fair,
But at least my news don’t come with hair.


Here’s a kind of silly poem for dVerse Poets Pub, hosted by the wonderful Brian Miller, on the subject of media.  I don’t read as much news as I should to be fully informed.  On the other hand, I do try to avoid TV news (don’t have a working TV), but I do get some news from clips!  And I think print media tends to be a bit more thorough and less narcissistic.  (That’s just my take though, and honestly, I don’t watch TV news so probably shouldn’t speak to it.) 

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41 Comments on ““Un(h)aired””

  1. rebecca2000 Says:

    LOL I see them as talking heads too.

  2. True – it often does seem to be more about the ahair! Those first two lines hooked me in for the ride – very witty.

  3. Tony Says:

    That opening line is a killer – “the me me media.” Boy, they talk some rubbish, don’t they?

  4. brian miller Says:

    they tilt like a table of pinballs…true that…putting their own spin…i guess most media these days comes from a persepective but what they pass as tv news these days is sensationalism at best….and no hair…ha…nice rhythm as well..

  5. Mary Says:

    Oh, Karin, this made me laugh….especially “But at least my news don’t come with hair.” And I found myself nodding at “stories they tilt like a table of pinballs.” All around…very good writing with some well-placed jabs at ‘me-me-media.”

  6. J Cosmo Newbery Says:

    I love it. A great read, beautifully writ-writ-written.

  7. Grace Says:

    I like-like-like this K ~ The media is so very me-me-media ~ Great rhyming words too ~

  8. Love those first two lines ~ you are a hoot 🙂

  9. This is so witty, Karin, and I love the opening two lines. Fantastic poem.

  10. AudreyHowitt Says:

    Fun write Karin. I enjoyed this a bunch!

  11. Sabio Lantz Says:

    Yeah, fantastic!
    I understood the whole thing
    And the rhyme was a fun fit to the humor;
    brilliant phrases — thanx

  12. A pithy broadside, k. Hair seems to be so important to the mystique of news– I don’t think I’d realized it before til you so artfully pointed out this eccentricity in the me-me-media ego. I do watch about two hours of cable news most days, but only my favorite pundits who don’t annoy me–and whose hair is to my liking, I must add. ;_) Much better to get the news bald, if you can, and not hairy and pre-digested.

  13. Yes newsreaders are so neat…their hair is almost fake…bit like their outrage…very clever!

  14. Mama Zen Says:

    This is so funny because it’s so true!

  15. danadampier Says:

    I believe on the TV they are able to throw in their opinions alongside the facts and it can be easy to get the two confused.

  16. claudia Says:

    me-me-media…ha…so good k. – journalism is never neutral..they show us what they want us to see..and cut the other things away…fun write…almost spit my coffee when i came to the at least they come without hair line..

  17. all news reporting is fluffed up and slanted. That is why I try, and quite often fail as well, getting numerous perspectives. Print as in paper should be less narcissistic, yet the only paper we have here is so politically biased you don’t even need to read it to know how the stories will be spun, if it fits their agenda it’s on the first page, if not, it’s spun the best the biased writers can and buried in small blurbs later on in the section. The internet and getting as many viewpoints and angles on a story as possible, I’ve found, is the best way to stay informed and still able to make up my own mind on topics. The only real benefit television has is in the video feeds provided, but internet stories have made huge strides in that department over the years and now it’s virtually unnecessary to watch tv news at all anymore. Great write Karin. Thanks

  18. Kelvin S.M. Says:

    …news are all well trimmed to look appealing or too exagerating… i knew a friend who was once interviewed by one of the top local newsletter for beating the history of garnering the highest GWA (general weighted average) graduating summa cum laude in one of the top universities in our country.. when the newspaper came out it says there…my friend’s just taking a walk in going to school bcoz his came from a poor family where in reality he’s not…for he has car of its own in going to school…we texted back then to discuss this stupid exaggeration in his interview and he immediately took actions on it… ha…since then i seldomly buy newspapers nor read or watch tvs…very disappointing…and unintelligent for news must be transparent & realistic & not merely exaggerations…

    ..i really enjoyed your wise words here Karin…and your rhymes are quite entertaining…smiles…

  19. David King Says:

    Some delicious bits in this. Love

    fake some outrage, mime some shock
    though careful to keep every lock
    of curl and bang and tress in place

    Superb stuff!

  20. Luke Prater Says:

    You are so fresh with rhyme and repetition. It’s not easy to pull off, in my experience.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Thanks, Luke. You handle in a very sophisticated way. K.

      • Luke Prater Says:

        There’s a good reason (and an arbitrary one) that free verse is what people mostly like these days. Badly-rhymed/metered form poetry is awful to read. Also, form is just not in fashion. I dig it though. I appreciate reading poets like yourself that write form and free verse and have a strong sense of aural device and don’t just hinge on metaphor/trope/’visuals’)

      • ManicDdaily Says:

        Thanks – well, I never feel that what I have to say is particularly profound or decisive so it is useful to use aural devices as both (i) decision-making devices, and (ii) something to give the work a hook. Ha. Thanks much. k.

  21. ayala Says:

    The media is so very me-me-media…nice !

  22. janehewey Says:

    I love your voice in this. you are rolling with a force –witty, clear, and honest. I think we all benefit from the fact that you read your news. Your immense vocabulary and depth of understanding of the language are some of your sure skills. I don’t have a tv for news, but when I see it in hotels or in my parents’ home, I get lost in the nose or lips or Hair of the reporter. It is inevitable, I am strongly visual. This is wonderful poetry, karin.

  23. shanyns Says:

    ❤ love this! So well done…

  24. Ruth Says:

    great write, k – made me smile & smile… to my thinking tv news has become (or maybe always was) just another ‘reality’ show – how can one treat it seriously, right?

  25. Kay Davies Says:

    I’m so old, I remember when newspaper writers tried to get the truth as right as possible, and news writers were not allowed to let their own opinions slip into their stories. Only columnists and editorial writers could express personal opinions.
    Heck, I’m so old, I remember when no one in our town had TV.
    Just love your “me-me-media”, though, Karin. It’s great!

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Ha. I agree that even newsprint, or digital newsprint, is not immune from slant and spin. That is certainly true. I do think there is more “straight” news in some of the printed (or digitally printed) press, or at least one doesn’t have to deal with narcissism of announcers! Honestly,though, I agree that there is plenty of “yellow journalism” in the press too, so maybe I shouldn’t give it a break. I do think there are options of reading stories that are heavy on details! And details tend to be given short shrift on TV. k.

  26. Myrna Says:

    This is so cleverly written. Made me smile. I do the opposite. Don’t read paper news. Actually, I just look in, get snippets. I’m not well informed, but the information is just so disturbing, I’m okay without it I think.

  27. cloudfactor5 Says:

    Loved the “me-me-media”, It is the small things in life that can some times really make you smile!! I too prefer my media sans hair!
    Especially liked the rhythm through 2nd stanza !!

  28. Heh, heh! For some perfection is exceptional reporting, for others exceptional hair. How true that is!

  29. Journalism is DEAD! Me-me-media is inspired, for sure. Mine is similarly cynical, but yours had more whimsy, definitely brill! Amy

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