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Strangely (Human)

December 31, 2015


Strangely (human)

the man who raped her
also encouraged her
to pleasure herself.

“I want it to hurt,” he said,
but then slack-jawed, teeth-
gritted, fitted her hand
to her crotch so she could maybe
make it
not hurt.

These are just a couple of ways
plays us.


Draftish sort of poem, not auto-biographical, for Shay’s (Fireblossom’s) prompt on Real Toads to write something based on the work of Gerda Wegener.  An image of Gerda’s above. 

In a Sudden Depression (Roadside)

October 14, 2015


In a Sudden Depression (Roadside)

In a sudden depression,
I say maybe you should just let me
lie down in a ditch, and I see,
as you drive through the darkness, me opening
the car door, only the scuttle’s gentle, not fast,
the body finding at last
a roadside channel where algae ivies
my cheek and eyes stare glassily
as pond scum, not perhaps
as active, (though bugs do frond
the uproots of
my hair something squinching
my ear) and you, driving steadily, say, no,
that wouldn’t be a good idea,

and I, glad for the seat belt, say still, to be dramatic,
why not sooner
than later? 
as you, adjusting the brights, answer, what’s wrong
with a little

the only roads home sometimes
these dark
curved ones.


A short draft poem.  Please read with a sense of humor!