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Somethings Shocking

February 19, 2016

IMG_3627 (1)

Somethings Shocking

You will die
as will everyone
you know

even the people you don’t know

the children you so love

their children

all the people on this train, the blur
of the train
just passed–

at some point everyone everywhere will lie
mouth agape
even if only
a gap in ash
a swill of sea

someone (if the deceased was lucky)
will beg that mouth to speak,
to forgive, please to just
release them

also to stay

Draft poem for Mama Zen’s prompt about something shocking on Real Toads with word count of 77.  Pic is mine of an ancient Egyptian piece in the permanent collection of New York’s Metropolitan Museum.  (Unfortunately, I did not get the dynasty!)  All rights reserved. (Ha.)

This has been edited slightly since first posting, and since all the comments!  (Agape was ajar.)