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“Woe (the You) Is Me”

January 17, 2013


Woe (The You) Is Me

You’re wrong. Tick.
You made a mis-tock-take.
And now there’s no clock–tick
that can be turnedtock–
back–tick. The stock prices
dropped–tick. The man kicked
the buck—tock–with the t’s-tick
not crossed–tock–nor the i’s dotted–tick–
fuck; the whole thing a mess-tock–
’cause you made a miss
yourself a mistook–
tock– you less than a tick, miss–
You less than—

This really is a draftish poem for the terrific and exacting Mama Zen at With Real Toads to write something (in 75 words or less) about “the hard stuff.” For me, making a mistake–becoming conscious of making a mistake–is an extremely unpleasant experience. Unfortunately, it is one I have with great frequency. (You’d think I’d get used to it!)

Here’s a reading. I’m not sure I got the tick/tocks right, but it will give some idea–

Speaking of Real Toads – Isadore Gruye has very kindly interviewed me there today.  Check it out!