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June 24, 2018


I weep in my sleep, thinking it’s because you’re gone
and never forgave me,
then wake, knowing that I weep
because I never forgave you,

while you forgave me all the time;
it was me
who missed my chance. 

I wonder how I hurt you
with that non-forgiving dance,
but you forgave that too,

clasping my hand with your two
with each breath, stop-breath–



For Kerry O’ Connor’s prompt on Real Toads, to write a “micro poem.”  Her example a beautiful poem by Rumi, called It Doesn’t Matter.  Drawing is mine; 2018, charcoal on paper; all rights reserved. 


October 3, 2014


We lay as if dead.
I’d pled with you
best I could hardly moving
to keep your head
back of my legs,
but could not
raise my own
to track yours.

They’d be back
any second–after the shots
and shouts,
some side stairs seemed
to have beckoned–
an echoing clamber up
that set us wondering
if we could run, but
we lay close, only hearts

I kept thinking
that only one was bad, the other one
on the chase,
but I realize now
I had no basis for that.
Still, when the bad guy flowed by,
I felt relieved briefly,
even as the other turned
into our niche,
bending his knees to the same pitch
as his weapon, whispering,
“I’m sorry, ladies.”

I thought at first–almost–
that it was an apology–as if
for the inconvenience–until
we were rinsed by blur–shards
of stopped-time–maybe pocked
and whether we too were hit, I wasn’t sure, only
that we were lying now
harder than ever.

A sort of a poem that was prompted by a dream (rather than another site’s post!)   The drawing is also one of mine.  (All rights reserved.) 

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