I weep in my sleep, thinking it’s because you’re gone
and never forgave me,
then wake, knowing that I weep
because I never forgave you,

while you forgave me all the time;
it was me
who missed my chance. 

I wonder how I hurt you
with that non-forgiving dance,
but you forgave that too,

clasping my hand with your two
with each breath, stop-breath–



For Kerry O’ Connor’s prompt on Real Toads, to write a “micro poem.”  Her example a beautiful poem by Rumi, called It Doesn’t Matter.  Drawing is mine; 2018, charcoal on paper; all rights reserved. 

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14 Comments on “Waking”

  1. I love the awareness that even the unforgiveness was forgiven. This poem resonates with my mother’s heart today. Beautiful, Karin.

  2. Forgiveness… We all want it, but too often we cuddle into our wounds/anger and don’t do the forgiving. I’m with Sherry on her comment.

  3. What a painful realization… unforgiveness is such a heavy burden… this would feed insomnia.

  4. Brendan Says:

    A deep truth here — how are we to ask forgiveness, who have not forgiven first? And the secret is that with that forgiveness of others, so much can come back to us. You work your way to this deftly in short space, resulting in such grace and pleasure for the reader.

  5. jinksy Says:

    Maybe ‘do as you would be done by’ will win the day…

  6. Jim Says:

    Never forgiving doesn’t get forgotten by victim. At least for me for one (not my ex ) . But I don’t care and probably the perpetrator.was thinking it was okay.
    Yes, stop. Breathe.

  7. mhmp77 Says:


    while you forgave me all the time;
    it was me
    who missed my chance

    Love will overcome more so when the feeling’s great!


  8. I like the way you ended this. A realization comes, and you must stop, and breathe. Beautiful!

  9. Heartbreaking—the guilt we carry for missed chances…

  10. sanaarizvi Says:

    Unforgiveness is an unbearable burden… sigh.. I can feel the pain and hurt in your words..

  11. Kerry Says:

    I think it is all too human to find oneself i this place.. regrets, rueful thoughts, remorse. You have captured it so poignantly.

  12. grapeling Says:

    since the election, you’ve swum deeper and deeper, it seems, K, and in the plumb depths you’ve found both the font of that unspeakable sadness which looms before us, and yet too the voice to render it with beauty and grace ~

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