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What I Might Hunger For (If I could Just Concentrate)

January 27, 2015

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What I Might Hunger For (If I Could Just Concentrate)

Sitting in a diner just outside of
trying to write about what I hunger for,
which is not (like my husband) hash browns–

when a large flushed (for morning) foursome
squeezed round the next table, says loudly
”there was this movie–”

but words
The Big Lebowski
“what’s in a white russian–”
(believe me, there was much more)
(about the movie and kahlua, bowling) —
“Your sour cream pancakes–”
as I try to think about, you know–
“I LOVE Victoria”

Words with an edge
(that, the locale of)
“like the sign at that hotel in Canada,”
(someone’s retirement party)
“that said: newly weds–the nearly dead–”

words that wedge meaning
“that rockstar with the name”
into meaning
“like the exit off–”
You know, meaning?
“Route 5.”

All punctuated by–
I feel my own face flushing–
the clink–
as I really do try–
to write
and the cluck
the cluck, the cluck
but not those words I–
“you know there are people in Arizona–”
“your scrambled”–
“who actually HATE”
lettered lenses
that carry me farther than–
I imagine a word chariot, I imagine it drawn by
“the Sea Hawks–”

Words, I want to scream
not even hungry
for the eggs
on rye


A little frustrated sort of poem.  Posted for the Tuesday Platform on With Real Toads, hosted by the inimitable Kerry O’Connor. This poem was originally inspired by Mama Zen’s words count prompt to write on what you hungered for–I could not get it down to sixty words, which was her limit.   (The Sea Hawks for those outside of the US are the Seattle football team.) 

I am using an old picture for this post–I do not have my iPad with its terrific drawing programs me, so this doesn’t really work–supposed to be a blank notebook–(and eggs)–