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March 1, 2022

Still inspired, moved, terrified by the bravery and unity of the Ukrainian people and what they are confronting.  Zelinsky’s video speech before the EU is worth watching.  He is so articulate, and unscripted.  Granted, he is not talking about detailed policy points; he speaks simply of right, truth, courage, and need. He is compelling. Zelinsky speaks so movingly, in fact, that though he is composed and resolute, the EU translator breaks into tears.

Here is a link from NPR to charities supporting the Ukraine. 

Of course, I worry in looking at the coverage that the GOP in the U.S. will be motivated for their own “freedom fights.”  I am not sure they understand the difference between standing up to a foreign aggressor and negotiating differences of opinion with fellow citizens; the difference between invading tanks and public health measures.  I try not to worry about this (it feels beyond any action of mine right now) but to focus on the moment at hand, daily work, daily helping of others (that I can help), and whatever my personal and unique role in the world seems to have become. That seems at the moment to involve making little pictures and books. Above is one.

Thank you. Take care.