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U.S. of Hey (Also Bonus From Mitch McConnell)

April 15, 2015


U.S. of Hey!

What you say
we build enough bombs
to blow the sky
That’ll save the world!

And how’s about we sell
a ton of tons!
Light a fire
under the economy!

Hell, we’re kind of an empire
(only, you know, the good kind)–
we can just give
a bunch away! What the hey!
(Especially to anyone sired–get it?–in oil!  Heh
(Even anyone just near

Wait a sec!
That guy might have bombs!
And oil!
Let’s bomb him!
That’ll sure keep us from war!

(Treaty, schmeaty!
Accord?  BORing!)

Oh yeah!  And for those of you
at home–did I mention all
the spare tanks?!

Here’s a quick one for the incomparable Hedgewitch’s very informative prompt on Real Toads to write about folly.   My 15th for April, this 2015 National Poetry Month.

Okay–and here’s one more:


From Mitch McConnell–Re Coal

Who cares that all of its processes
are vastly destructive
of the earth
when we can save bad jobs
in Kentucky where the poor people’s
ecosystem is already
irretrievably degraded, and they are well-used
to black lung?

Besides, the companies are paying me
a ton.


PS the above pic was taken in Kashmir in the Himalayas a few years ago, shows the soot on the snow, part of the process that causes the melting of glaciers.  (I’m sorry that it does not totally fit the post, but hey, it’s April!)