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Somewhere Under the Sidewalk (Subway NYC) – Flash Friday 55

November 30, 2012


Somewhere Under the Sidewalk (Subway NYC)

He was silvered–not in the usual sense–hair only bit not greyed –

Oh–and two beige bands (leg) between shimmer pants, chrome socks –

and the eyes, focusing from foil-creased sockets, whites yellowed–irritated
train’s twist toppled

his pole-wedged bike, though,
as oilcan funnel hat
unhandlebarred—we other riders ahhed, understanding, tin.


Here’s a flash 55 for the G-Man – true story of Tin Man sighted on train yesterday.  It took a while to figure out who he was, then felt rude to take pic in confined train car, but after holding the door for him and his bike, and well, falling behind him, I felt a little more justified in trying to get a shot.

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