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A Misunderstanding At the Voting Booth? Oh, wait, is this a Gun Show? Hmmm… Friday Flash 55

August 24, 2012


No Driver’s License?  Can’t let you step into that booth.

Sure, you’re registered, but no Drivee, no Votee.   See, where it says–right on that–err…

Vision impairment?

Wait – you came in here to buy firearms?

Geez, sorry, ma-am, right this way; no, this way.  And just, huh, watch where you’re pointing that thing.


The above is exactly (minus title) 55 words so do tell it to the wonderful G-Man

I must note an inaccuracy in my 55 – most of the new voter I.D. laws do not require a driver’s license, but they do require that a voter have a government-issued photo I.D. (They will not accept a student I.D. or other non=government photo I.D.s, or a non-photo government I.D. such as a social security card or a birth certificate.)  No one, even those promoting the laws, appears to have documented a significant instance of voter fraud, in the sense of ineligible persons voting.  (The places, it seems to me, where questions of fraud have been raised have been in the counting and certifying as in Florida 2000.) 

I admit also that most states also do require some form of government-issued ID for the regular purchase of a firearm.  There appears to be a pretty large “gun show loophole” to most gun laws, however, that allows for sales of guns with extremely little (or no) regulation. 

Speaking of guns, my deepest sympathies to all the victims of the shootings in my dear New York City today.  

Friday Flash Fiction 55 – “Both Desperate”

October 28, 2011

Both Desperate

Hit, it still had flight
in its front legs.  The man dragged
it by its antlers off the road,  crouched
on its neck with a knife.  It bled
in dark gulps, still tried to rear, roared.
He laid the hand not pressing it down
upon its shoulder, as if to calm,
as if touch could.

This is my 55 word story (not including title!) for the G-Man.  (Thanks, Mr. Knowitall, for the incentive to compress this scene.)

Flash Friday 55 – Short Short – (Teacher?)

October 13, 2011


As part of my (kind of random!) exploration of online poetry and prose sites, I am making my first Flash Friday 55 post, which is a post somehow indelibly connected to the G Man, Mr. Know-it=all, and involves the writing of a 55 word story.


When they were good, she let them
color around the Bible verses they’d
copied out.

When they were bad, she had them
stand before the class, and
slap themselves, exhorting as they lapsed
(second graders get tired),
“harder, harder.”

A God-fearing woman, she felt
called to teach them much; the fear part,
they learned.