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About Women Somehow

April 8, 2016

About Women Somehow

Somewhere there is an oyster
or a clam or, more likely, a mussel,
that has pushed, one-footed,
out of the shell, until, after a long tread trailing
bearding threads, it finds itself
in a cascade of drought–

the flow is like
a waterfall– as if it stood, lip-skinned,
behind iridescence as high
as a canyon–
only what falls before this mussel
is ash.

It is a creature of sweeping
tides, but it’s walked on water
for so long and
so far
that the sea has turned
to rock, and now, to broken
rock, so that if it wants a drink, it needs
to weep

or sweat,
collecting wetness
in a picture of nacre held only
in mussel memory (the shell
of a shell.)

Though, honestly, the mussel barely looks back
to that blue-black age, since, in truth,
the water was always rock, and the mussel has always
walked, and yes, this sounds, oh,
so melodramatic,
but that is just how it is
for some mussels.


10th poem for April–yes, it’s a strange one, and a draft–I’ve changed it many many times and it’s still weird–for Sherry Marr’s prompt on With Real Toads to write something about strong women–