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The Impatience of the Lonely Heart

April 13, 2014


The Impatience of the Lonely Heart

I hear the wind and mistake it for
your car.
So, my heart hears.
There’s a child lives within it
who waits for you to come
to pick her up,
to take her home.

All life long has been
her after school.
You’re very late.
She confuses others
with her impatience.
They don’t understand what it is
to wait a lifetime.

Beside me now is a pond
where Spring springs.
Frogs cluck like submerged ducks
intent on you know what.
The water speculates in blue diamonds
like the Hope.
The sun works hard to warm away
the brown.
All, on this bright day,
take the dare
of rebirth.

But the heart is not like earth
that can be turned
for renewal;
and when the wind blows
from the South,
the child who inhabits
that strongest of muscles
twists to look for
your car,
even though she surely knows
that vehicle and all its parts
were long ago consigned
to scrap.

A sad draftish poem for the 13th day of April, National Poetry Month, written for Grace’s prompt on With Real Toads to write in an unusual way about routine. I’m not sure this fits, but I don’t think I will manage another poem today! (Ha.)

Process notes–the Hope Diamond is, I believe, the largest blue diamond known in the world.

Finally, this picture doesn’t really fit the piece, but I took the pic today! And kind of like it.