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“Not P-Rose”

July 12, 2012


Not P-rose

Perhaps a rose by any other name
would smell as sweet, but the unappellated
bud, the un-monickered bloom whose fame
has not been sung (its petals not related
in pinked syllables, scent characterized
by a synesthesia of waltz and skirt,
mud taste of coffee beans and honeyed pies),
that flower–that not-called-rose–will not insert
itself in my memory, which even smells
with words (as much as nose), holding most close
those lines that ring, that linger, echoed bells,
clinging even to harsh jangles more than prose
(some prose).  A rose–let it take new names in turn
but let them, my brain whispers, be names I learn.


The above is a sonnet (of sorts) written for the dVerse Poets Pub “Form For All” challenge, hosted by the extremely thoughtful, generous and lyrical Gay Reiser Cannon, to write a poem on… poetry.   Check out dVerse, which is about to celebrate its first anniversary.

Also if anyone truly has time on their hands, they may enjoy looking at a very early (and quite different) draft of the poem above that I wrote one April, National Poetry Month, a couple of years back, on the 25th day of the month (when I was writing a poem a day).  The precursor really doesn’t work that well, but may be interesting to those intrigued by process.

Finally!  I have a poem featured in a new blog/zine– “Ten of the Best – Short Poetry,” which highlights ten short poems each month.  My poem arose from Brian Miller’s “buttons” prompt  – “Parkinson’s (Father)”.   Thanks  thanks thanks to Kolembo, the editor, and to all of you.