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Magpie Tales (89) (“These Words Are No Nest”)

October 30, 2011


This is a post (1001th – an apology to those who subscribe) made for Tess Kincaid’s Magpie Tales. Each week Tess posts an interesting photograph as a prompt. The above is my personal take on the photo–I’ve revised it a bit to fit in with the poem below, a sonnet of sorts.

No Nest

These words are no nest.  They won’t warm you
when I’m gone.  You won’t be able to tuck
your head under a t, though it starts true,
slip fingers down n‘s curve, deftly pluck
replies from even the unsilent e‘s.
They won’t warm me either–no echoes
in ashen brains, though spread upon a breeze.
As twigs and hair and grass and dust close in,
words will be somewhere else; just as what peeps
behind these eyes, this voice, this flickering
insistent maw of self, will, at best, sleep
long.  But for now, I’m here, a bickering
steadfast word monger, building a place
of syllabic lingering, would-be embrace.


(I am also linking this poem to The Poetry Palace weekly poets’ rally.)