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January 18, 2013


This is from the Ikebana Show – “Waiting For Spring” of the Sogetsu Society NY Branch at the Nippon Club in good old NYC.  The three women who made this incredibly cool piece with flowers and boxes and green willow sticks are Chizuko Korn, Shizue Pleasanton, and Yoko Ikura.

I do not really understand Ikebana – Japanese flower arranging. I know it requires attention to angles and ratios and textures – many of the students of Ikebana at the show – demure and dignified Japanese ladies, some with grey hair, also had really cool combinations of clothes on – pearl necklaces and rhinestone pins, laquered flowers on black pinstriped lapels. A couple of others (younger women) just wore pink kimonos. Somehow it all sort of worked.

PS – since posting I have been told that half of the students in the classes taught by the society in New York are American and half Japanese, both men and women. Sorry for any inaccurate impression that I may have given in my post, as I really only attended the opening and did not mean to give any false impression as to the Society or classes.  It was a great opening and is a wonderful exhibition.