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Koan of Sorts (At Least Rhymes With)

May 2, 2015

Koan of Sorts (At Least Rhymes With)
                 “And the sound of one hand clapping is cl–”
Paraphrase of Terry Pratchett from Thief of Time.


Sage: the cup you drink is already broken.

Modern-Age: So, get me a new cup.

The new too
is already broken.

What?!!  I’ll sue!

But it’s a metaphor.  As well as–

Teach ‘em to sell me broken cups!

–a truth.

The truth?  I’d as soon
have a plastic bottle, something to just
throw away.



Kerry O’Connor on Real Toads asks us to write a Zen poem in 55 words.  This poem (not including the introductory material) is 55 words, and incorporates my favorite Zen saying (about impermanence) that says the cup you are drinking from is already broken.  Watercolor is mine–not fully suited, but I’ve always liked that little dog.  I’ve also posted a more poetic (if possibly less Zen) 55 that can be found here.