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After Citizens’ United/McCutcheon

April 8, 2014


After Citizens’ United/McCutcheon

Long have we known that money could talk;
still, speech was supposed to be free.
But now corporations are let run the walk
as people, my friend, while we–
as people, my friend, on bended knee–
are advised our two-cents is a pittance,
too little by far to buy the House–
not nearly enough for admittance.

Here’s a Tuesday 55 for Fireblossom (Shay) (who has taken over from the G-Man.) The poem doesn’t quite work since, perhaps, 55 words is not enough to express my disappointment with a Supreme Court that seems intent on further skewing political processes by allowing the disenfranchisement of the poor, young and elderly, while aggrandizing the political power of the already almighty dollar.

Also my 8th poem for April! Please bear with me; I’ve been slow returning visits. Will catch up.