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NRA’s Take on Classic Tale (Taken Back) (April Poem 5)

April 3, 2016


NRA’s Take on Classic Tale (Taken Back)

So, little blonde, packing heat, but no supplies,
stumbles onto unlocked house,
warm leftovers, seemingly
spare bed, until owners, proponents of the right
to arm bears, show,
and, as her yawn
exposes holster,
shoot her.

Blondie expires (despite
blondeness), but Mama B.’s caught too
in crossfire; Baby and Papa
turning to drink, meth,


5th poem (in just 55 words) for April National Poetry Month–this for the wonderful Kerry O’Connor’s prompt on Real Toads to write a 55 word poem, also thinking of a classic.  The pic is a recycled one of mine–

As a process note, the U.S. National Rifle Association (the “NRA”) has recently released a revised book of Grimms’ fairy tales, with various characters, such as Little Red Ridinghood, now armed.