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Oh, the brave, the stalwart, the burned.

December 9, 2010

Toast and the Flag

Oh, the brave House Democrats who say they will oppose Obama and the Republicans’ tax deal, their last best chance to avoid tax raises on the middle class and keep unemployment benefits in force.  They are like people who have run to hide under their beds during a kitchen fire (i.e. the election) and later say that they can’t stand burned toast (even with some of the most charred crusts shaved off.)

Oh, the stalwart Senate Republicans who won’t budge on anything, especially any thing they weren’t likely to budge on anyway, like don’t ask/don’t tell and benefits for 9/11 workers, without getting tax breaks for the rich.

Oh, the brave 9/11 workers who did charge into fire and smoke and charred their lungs (not just their toast).

Oh, the stalwart gay soldiers who have long been asking, not telling.