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To The Coyote Tracks

February 3, 2014


To The Coyote Tracks

I would not hound you,
But I feel like I might fool
a bear,
bulk with raised arms
a strait-jacketed pretense
of harm–
while you, I fear, or one of you,
would see through my tented roar,
would, from the collective cower,
Just understand,
I can hold rocks in these here hands–
you too, Bear.


A little poem to my friend, the coyote, who left the tracks above.  I’ve seen him/her a couple of times in the past few months, but always, thankfully, on his (or her) lonesome.  Apparently, you can tell it’s a coyote track by the distinctive X, which is most visible in the bottom-most track. 

The bear up here should be hibernating for now.  But we saw at least eight or nine of them last year.   (Yes, they are absolutely beautiful and yes, they freak me out.)