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Thinking of Shakespeare, King Lear, Towards the End of Act V (2 for April)

April 1, 2016


Thinking of Shakespeare, King Lear, Towards the End of Act V

And my poor fool is hanged
he writes
and my poor heart
is broken
and why should a dog, a horse, a rat, have life
he asks
as I weep, asking back
how someone could so barter
humanity, and as his character asks help
with a button, tears
unbutton my face, wondering
what grace brings me this suffering
from several rows back, this tough loss
on scuffed planks
over there, lit
by some very bright lights
that couldn’t possibly illuminate
my personal nights,
suffering that I’ve only paid for
in paper currency
and could at least in theory
leave early.

Another draft poem for April Poetry Month.  This one for Real Toads, Marian’s prompt on fools, which I believe is what Lear calls Cordelia in the wonderful conclusion of Act V; I’ve included here lines from the play. 

April is a month in which I am attempting to write a poem a day–this is my second (ha) for the day, but I’m just going to go this month with whatever comes up, when it does (as it may not always!) Thanks for your indulgence!

Thinking of End of King Lear In A Backyardish Way

April 24, 2013


Thinking of End of King Lear In a Backyardish Way

Never, never, never, never, never
tugs at my eyes, the retinae hung
with ropey cords; those I’ve loved/lost
rumpled cloths
upon those lines, stiff
as boards now, frayed
capture-the-flag wisps.
I want, foolishly, to weep them back
to softness, only the never in which I live
makes tears dry down, allows just
the collapse of salt,
the damp evening grass that lapped
imprints of even tip-toed steps
silted over. Though clumped sand seems stuck
in off-kiltered hour glass, still and ever,
it runs.

I am calling them all drafts for the moment for too many reasons to delineate. (One is that I am back in States, but still not home1 And not with my own computer.) This draft poem written for http// prompt re Shakespeare (whose birthday is in April.)