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Tornado (Impression) All Swept Up, and Down.

May 24, 2011


Monster Ferry to Uruguay

May 15, 2011


Taking Buquebus Ferry to Uruquay today from B.A. Sounds pretty exciting. I anticipate/hope that it is only a monster ferry in my clumsy rendition of it above. Happy Sunday.

Happy Friday Once, Happy Friday Twice, Happy Friday Three Times

May 6, 2011




National Poetry Month – Day 30 – “End of National Poetry Month Haiku”

April 30, 2011

"April is the cruelest month" (version filtered on Photogene)

End of National Poetry Month Haiku

Some say that April is the
cruelest month. They must
be people who write poems.

All rights reserved.  Suggestions welcomed.  Thanks much for checking in on all the draft poems this month!

"April is the cruelest month." (Unfiltered.)