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Ten Ways To Know You’re A Perfectionist

August 14, 2009
  1. You don’t do anything perfectly.
  2. You don’t even do anything very well.   For a short time (while you are in the midst), everything may feel surprisingly hunky-dory, but as soon as you finish, you see exactly where you went wrong.
  3. If you do manage to do something well, it’s an incredibly trivial something.
  4. While what you screw up is vitally important.
  5. When it rains on the day of a picnic that you planned, you apologize.
  6. When it rains on the day of a picnic that you did not plan, you apologize.
  7. When you return your opponent’s tennis ball, managing to score, you apologize.
  8. When you miss your opponent’s tennis ball, allowing him to score but disrupting the flow of the game, you apologize.
  9. After you apologize, you apologize.  (You know how annoying that can be.)
  10. Sorry for that last one.