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Speaking of Politics, Dominos, Obama’s Jobs Speech

September 8, 2011


As followers of this blog undoubtedly know, I am a fan of President Obama.

As I write that, a part of me takes a very deep breath. That’s the part of me that feels quite fearful in these divisive and partisan times to go public with any political allegiance. (Could it cost me something? Job? Friends? Readers? Respect?)

So why post it then? Why take a chance with a stance?

We live, as the Chinese would say, in “interesting times.” All times are probably interesting to those who live in them, but we live in ours and they feel particularly fraught with confusion, division, incipient risk.

While these interesting times have many aspects that are far beyond on our control, we are amazingly quick to cede control where we do have it. Many people just don’t pay attention, don’t read, don’t vote. Many feel like politics are a lost cause, that there is no difference between parties or candidates, and, shrugging dismissively, just don’t bother.

I may be naive, but I feel like there are differences and that it’s important to try to figure these differences out, and finally, to speak out about them. The speaking out is not intended to increase the divisions in the society, or even, necessarily, to persuade (although that would be nice), but really to humanize the point of view.

If I speak out, it lets others see one more example of someone that holds a certain view, one more possibility in a bigger group. Each individual that speaks out makes a viewpoint harder to dismiss. I suppose it’s a bit like being a domino in a row, except in this case, one is a human domino, with particular warts and eccentricities and style of grin and a human domino is a bit hard to flick away with a finger.

The long and short of all this is that I was impressed by Obama’s job speech, thought it set forth a viable plan in a clear and passionate manner, and is worthy of support.