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(Not Completely) Befogged

September 4, 2015

(Not Completely) Befogged

My face, increasingly tired
of glasses, just lets the world meld
mornings, cabinets open
to doorways, hand touching wall
stairwells, sometimes mispouring
my tea, more than slapdash
when it comes to dishes,

seeking, when outside, mist
over water, cloud cover
impaled by mountain or just nestling
about the land–diffusions whose beauty seems magnified
by my blur,

which makes me wonder if that is not why
I more and more love you,
whose kindness hovers above
that movement you animate,
an aura not so much like cloud cover
as the shine on the bubbles of soap you quietly apply
to the dishes I’ve just done–

more light, in other words,
than fog–
not dissipating
by day, though come to think about it
you too nestle about me
as cold nights fall.


A sentimental attempt at an atmospheric sort of poem for a prompt by the inimitable Hedgewitch (Joy Ann Jones, blogging at Verse Escape) on Real Toads.  (Hedgewitch’s prompt is much more complex than that, as it deals in tone in poetry, but this is where I landed.)  The photo is mine.  I am having a number of internet issues so may be slow returning comments, but will get there!