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Her Body Soon Following After (Heat-Seeking in 55)

January 31, 2015


Her Body Soon Followed After (A Heat-Seeking Missive)

Her nose fell first, head over heel,
his smell of warmth so strong,
the opening of his elbow
a window to a long
sun’s day,
his ribs a heated clay
that no
other kiln could fire,
his loins a hearth she could feel
even from afar.


Here’s a 55 (including the title, which some might feel has been deliberately lengthened) inspired by both the inimitable G-Man and Kerry O’Connor’s prompt on With Real Toads.  Kerry has given the added challenge of using a Robert Herrick style form for the poem.  Kerry  suggested breaking up the Herrick lines by a word count, which would equal 55,  but I’ve gone for a syllabic count, which is why my poem needed such a long title.  (Ha.)

The pic doesn’t really go with it, but since I’m still away from home, using what I can!