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Not Much of a Moviegoer – Can I blame it on the computer?

February 27, 2011

Not Me Of Late

As followers of this blog know, I have spent the last several days posting images of little (or big) elephants inserted into stills from past Academy Award winning movies or current contestants.  I have to confess that I am much more into elephants than Oscars.  I haven’t actually seen many movies this year and I don’t know that I’ll even watch the awards tonight, or not for more than a short snatch.

It’s not that I don’t like movies or even awards shows.  Time just feels very short to me, and in our digital world, I find myself increasingly impatient with entertainment that I can’t control–speed up, browse through, dip into as I please.   (Even with an old-fashioned book, I can flip through/scan the boring parts–but a movie in a theater, or a tv show, without a TIVO, must be sat through.)

ADHD is mainly supposed to be a disease of children, but it also seems to becoming an ailment of rushing adults.

Some (i.e. my husband) blame it all on computers.

Computers certainly make it easier to entertain oneself in fragmented snatches.  But I really don’t think that we can blame them for the frantic quality of many of our lives.  The rigors of making a living today, and then of making a life once one has (more or less, for the moment at least) secured that living, seem  to make rushing almost mandatory.

Of course, one can take the point of view that it’s all process, and that whatever one does (job, commute, shopping, cooking, cleaning) should be slowly savored;  that each activity should be granted an equal sense of possibility.  (Even movie awards shows.)  My problem is that I am just not that enlightened.

So I rush, scan, multi-task.  And in the midst of it, draw little elephants.

Could be worse.