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“Box” – Square Poem

June 28, 2012



I squeeze me, fitting into box;

squeeze all rounding, as sharpness shocks

me, rounding on even muted plaints,

fitting (as even sides) soul’s constraints

into sharpness. Muted soul’s clamped voice

box shocks plaints, constraints–voice noise.

The above is a “square poem” written for dVerse Poets Pub “Form For All” challenge, hosted by Samuel Peralta, and based upon a matrix form developed by Lewis Carroll in which the poem reads both horizontally AND vertically, with the first line of the poem made up of the first word of each line; second line made up of all the second words, etc.  Sam has a wonderful article about the form, so check it out! 

In the case of my poem, PUNCTUATION is very important, as I only intend for pauses to be taken where punctuated, and not at the end of each line.  I tried to make my own recording to illustrate that but so far I haven’t been able to upload it.  (Probably for the best!) 

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