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At the Museum After a Difficult Week

May 10, 2015


Not the Picasso I had in mind, when writing, but they are all great and this one comes with elephant–

At the Museum After a Difficult Week

Part of what I like
about Picasso
is the way his people
fill up space.
Even the planed face–the blank make-up of the harlequin–
carries weight,
though nothing like those places where the grease paint
does not reach–the unpainted (painted)
hands, the knuckles sculpted
with hardly a smudge–

Just so, I tell a flattened self,
I need to read people’s volumes–

especially those whose voices even sport
arched brows, tongues stenciled
with sneer, whose intonations alone
could decimate me–

a demotion of what would stand
in me
to step-stool–

When you’re a step-stool
it’s hard to feel much
but feet–

Still, I tell myself–
(for the heelers are so often
as unhealed)
to look for people’s spaces–
not on the drawn face
but at the wrist–
the puckered grist
of knuckle, the twists between
the creases on
the palm–

For life shakes hands
with us all,
leaves its fingerprints
with every brush;
oh life, you, grand master.

Okay, this one I’m definitely calling a draft.  It is written for Grace’s prompt on With Real Toads to write a poem influenced by Jane Hirschfeld.  The Picasso above was not exactly the one that I was thinking of in writing the poem, as it doesn’t show any hands well, but at least this one has an elephant.  (Rare in Picasso’s oeuvre.)