Posted tagged ‘Little Fever Hen’


January 21, 2014


Why do you roost on my head, Hen?
Lower your big bottom like a bell,
smother my face in vacuum and feathered clapper,
stand up, shake crud, strut in place
in my right eye, scratching
at the waste of retina, peck
my molars–

I can’t see your dumb bright blink,
your red wobble,
here in the darkness, without
a mirror,
even as you shift position, rock
bulk, and I curl up tight
and cold, everything cracking.


Not feeling up to scratch.  May link to dVerse Poets Pub OLN.  May just crawl into a hole instead.  

PS – posted pic from iPhone and I think it is sometimes very large, so if you want to see it, just click on it.  k.