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Walking With Grown Children In Snow

December 1, 2014


Walking With Grown Children In Snow

We wondered at the whites
of water–
snow on pines,
rapids on rock,
ice in the air–
water in all its falls
around us
who walked uphill
by a mountain vly.

In a lavender later,
as night itself fell,
snow lit the darkness from both below
and above,
glow rising from the ground cover
to the low cloud dome
in a silent overarching hum,
and too, quick darts of it–all those
tiny webs
we leaned into, a beat of slight stings
in the wind.

As we headed back,
the wind behind us,
I felt I could walk forever
in the cold dark pale that overlay earth,
road, tree, sky, me–keeping us all
until I said (aloud) how I understood those who freeze thinking
they might just lie down, only
for a little,
and you both laughed, and I could almost make out
your turns towards me–and each of you said, come on,
and held out
an arm,
and I protested that I wasn’t about
to lie down,
and you laughed again, but slowed,
keeping me
in the middle, for
even the cloud mirror
had now disappeared; there was only
a flash
at every footfall, and even
that hardly lasted
but till the next.


A foot of snow here this past week, melted now. (I sadly did not take many photos, so this one is from last year.)   I am posting this for With Real Toads Open Link Night, hosted this week by Marian of Runaway Sentence.   Process note–a “vly” is a mountain stream.