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New Mother, Turning To the Kora

January 4, 2014


New Mother, Turning To the Kora

When you still fit
my arms
like an instrument
beating rhythms
at my heart, you would, at times,
cry without cease,
without reason–without reason that I
could reason out–and I, almost without
reason myself, would play a music
of Kora and guitar
in which the strings,
sounding of bells,
plucked us from the closed-in walls
and wails,
lifted us
from the hard wood floor we walked, transported us
to some bigger brighter world where sun streamed
vibrationally, where leaves echoed, where
life strolled, where tears caught in scrunched cheeks seemed almost
ripples re-centering a well
on a day when one
craved water, a natural wrinkle
of wells and water.

Whirled shine glinted
upon our faces whether we looked
up or down, and even though, in that apartment,
metal gates shadowed the nearest windows;
we knew–even as an infant you could hear–
that the music held want as well
as tinkle, that knells mourn even as
they proclaim, that the lone also
still you at last would smile, me
too, as if both of us were tuned
by those stringed scales,
so gratefully tethered.

Here’s a draftish sort of poem just written for Marian Kent’s prompt on With Real Toads to respond to the wonderful music of Ali Farke Toure and Toumani Diabate–I love this music!  When I was a new mother, I had a record that I used to listen to again and again –part of the subject of this poem.  It is magical beautiful music.  Thank you, Marian, for reminding me of it.  (This poem has been slightly edited since first posting.)