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The Way the Mind Sometimes Works in a Cold Climate, Januaries

January 25, 2014


The Way the Mind Sometimes Works in a Cold Climate, Januaries

It snows aslant
in small fast flakes
and of a sudden
you are gone
as if you’d not left years ago
and I weep
as if I’d not wept ever
as if that bucket
were not already full.


First, I want to thank all the commenters over the last few days  for your exceedingly kind wishes and encouragement.  I am feeling considerably better.

I tend always to have a rather gloomy side, I’m afraid, mixed with the jolly–hence the name of the blog – which some mistake for Manic Daily, not noticing that extra d in the middle–and one aspect of the flu has been to accentuate the gloomy.  

Yes, it’s also a very gloomy photograph.  I ventured outside (ssshhh!  don’t tell my husband) to take some direct pics of the snow, but they didn’t convey what I wanted, so took this one from a rather dark hallway, because it seemed dramatic.  (And the windows were relatively clean.)  All rights reserved.