The Way the Mind Sometimes Works in a Cold Climate, Januaries


The Way the Mind Sometimes Works in a Cold Climate, Januaries

It snows aslant
in small fast flakes
and of a sudden
you are gone
as if you’d not left years ago
and I weep
as if I’d not wept ever
as if that bucket
were not already full.


First, I want to thank all the commenters over the last few days  for your exceedingly kind wishes and encouragement.  I am feeling considerably better.

I tend always to have a rather gloomy side, I’m afraid, mixed with the jolly–hence the name of the blog – which some mistake for Manic Daily, not noticing that extra d in the middle–and one aspect of the flu has been to accentuate the gloomy.  

Yes, it’s also a very gloomy photograph.  I ventured outside (ssshhh!  don’t tell my husband) to take some direct pics of the snow, but they didn’t convey what I wanted, so took this one from a rather dark hallway, because it seemed dramatic.  (And the windows were relatively clean.)  All rights reserved.   

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13 Comments on “The Way the Mind Sometimes Works in a Cold Climate, Januaries”

  1. Profound… and chilly – I love it 😉

  2. Steve King Says:

    Very nice photo.The world outside seems to recede within your dark framing of it, but it’s still there to remind, like the memory your character summons. Wonderful use of thirty-eight words.
    Steve K.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Ha thanks! This wasn’t for a prompt so I didn’t count them! The hall is dark and there is actually a screened in porch outside, so there’s more going on there than one would see in terms of supports amidst the tree trunks. Thanks again, Steve. k.

      On Sat, Jan 25, 2014 at 10:10 AM, ManicDDaily

  3. MarinaSofia Says:

    I completely understand that gloomy frame of mind – alternating with the jolly. And January/February, with their lack of light, are particularly hard months to get through. Yes, old memories sometimes still have the power to hit us in the chest, when we least expect it.

  4. hedgewitch Says:

    January is the dark of the year, ruled by a dark god(Saturn) and often produces with its short days, long memories and old shadows. You really do an excellent capture here of that intense feeling of loss that comes without warning, and your photo matches the mood perfectly. Good to hear you are feeling on the mend.

  5. claudia Says:

    some buckets need a long time until they’re really full and all tears are wept… glad you’re feeling better.. this january has me a bit gloomy as well…and add a mix of rebellion… ugh… not good…hugs your way…

  6. brian miller Says:

    ah i bet the brief bit of fresh air was good for you……but do keep warm…the as if the buckets were not already full speaks of long suffering to me…and pings the heart….

  7. Your poem speaks of how grief I thought resolved gets triggered again by random events and surprises me with its intensity. Love the photo.

  8. Mohana Says:

    this is beautiful, both poem and photo. ethereal.

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