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November 28, 2012


Insatiable fences line souls,
sheepdog rails
split to nip.
I tell him, stolidly,
to leave me alone, a soliloquy that means
don’t leave me.
But it’s either a lifetime or nothing–
we can’t seem to share five minutes
in-between, hearts
skipping beats in broken record
plaints; he
feints, pretending not
to understand; fence posts yap
at our heels.


I am linking my poem above to the wonderful prompt by Kerry O’Connor of With Real Toads about Ingrid Jonker, South African (Afrikaans) poet (1933-1965) and writing about relationships.  I’d never heard of Ingrid Jonker before – she’s wonderful.  I urge you to check out Kerry’s post and the other poets participating. 

To any wondering about my nanowrimo!  I have worked on it, but in notebooks, by hand, and life (not blogging exactly) is giving me exceedingly little time this November, especially not for transcribing.  I do hope to keep working on it.

Note if a subscriber – I’ve edited this slightly since posting. k.